Thursday, May 26, 2016

How to Use Sugar Scrub

How to Use Sugar Scrub

Sugar scrubs are natural exfoliants that can greatly improve the health of your skin. Exfoliation also gives skin a healthy glow, getting rid of toxins and impurities. Frequent use of a sugar scrub makes skin smoother and helps the hydration process. While a regular soap or cleanser may appear to be enough to keep skin clean, only exfoliation removes dead skin cells and excess oil. To exfoliate skin properly using a sugar scrub, it is important to learn about application procedures and the ingredients they contain.

Choosing the Right Exfoliating Scrub

You can use a sugar scrub even if you have extremely dry skin, as these natural products have no negative effects. The glycolic acid produced by sugar is a powerful alpha hydroxy acid capable of loosening dirt and dead skin cells. Natural ingredients used to make sugar scrubs include jojoba, coconut, argan, and almond oils, as well as cocoa and shea butter.
When it comes to all-natural exfoliating products, both salt and sugar scrubs are very popular. The difference between these two types of scrubs is the size of the granules. As sugar has smaller granules that dissolve more easily, it tends to be gentler. Consequently, sugar scrubs work better than salt scrubs on sensitive areas like the face.
On the other hand, salt scrubs can be beneficial if you have calluses, and it contains nourishing minerals that help minimize the signs of aging. Experts often recommend the use of sugar scrubs over salt scrubs, as you can also obtain the benefits of minerals by soaking in a salt bath.

Exfoliating Skin with a Sugar Scrub

To obtain the best results from exfoliation with a sugar scrub, apply the product while taking a shower. First, wash your skin with soap or body wash and rinse it well. Afterwards, apply a sufficient amount of sugar scrub to wet skin over your entire body, massaging in a circular motion to allow the granules to remove dead skin cells. Finally, rinse off well. This makes your skin look and feel refreshed and healthy.

Using Homemade Sugar Scrubs

Homemade sugar scrubs can help exfoliate and moisturize your skin just as well as commercial products.  Homemade sugar scrubs are all natural and do not contain all the chemicals a commercial scrub has in it.
Sugar scrubs are powerful natural exfoliants. They come in many different varieties.Using a sugar scrub once a week is a great way to keep your skin clean and healthy.

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